VI Międzynarodowy Konkurs Plastyczny

IV International Art Competition "Remember the Gardens"

IV Międzynarodowy Konkurs Plastyczny

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2nd International Art Competition “Remember the Gardens”

Official Rules and Regulations


  • I Private Upper Secondary Art School in Plock, POLAND.


  • The Department of Landscape Architecture, Faculty of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences, POLAND.
  • The Faculty of Graphic Arts and the Faculty of Painting of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, POLAND.
  • Embassy of the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic, the Republic of Lithuania, Hungary.

1. Purposes:

  1. Creating painting or drawing works related to the Garden motif in various aspects.
  2. Promoting talented young people, sensitive to the beauty of art and artistically active.
  3. Presenting paintings and drawings of the art schools’ students.
  4. Inspiring young artists to develop their painting and drawing skills.
  5. Exchanging the experience of the art schools’ students and presenting their artistic achievements.
  6. Exchanging the experience of the art schools’ teachers.

2. Conditions of participation:

  1. Competition is open to young artists attending upper secondary art schools and secondary schools of fine arts.
  2. The geographical range of the competition encompasses the territory of the Republic of Poland and Europe.
  3. The Official Rules and Regulations document is available on the following website:

and is the only document which determines the rules of the 2nd International Art Competition “Remember the Gardens”.

  1. Each participant is allowed to send maximum two works: paintings or drawings in optional technique. Minimum format 30x20 cm (A4), maximum format 100x70 cm (B1).
  2. Works must be original and be the creation of the participants.
  3. Each work should be accompanied (on the reverse) with the 8-sign emblem comprising of 8 letters or numbers in a sequence. Official registration form (according with the specimen provided by the organizer) should be attached to each work in a separate closed envelope.
  4. The 8-sign emblem on the reverse of the work should be also included in the registration form.
  5. The organizer reserves the right to use and reproduce by means of photographs, slides or any form the participants’ works in promotional booklets and literature, to publish participants’ works in the media: TV, the Internet and press and to display awarded participants’ works on the current and retrospective exhibitions without paying any fees or royalties.

3. Dates and addresses:

  1. Works together with the registration forms must be sent by no later than 15.11.2013.
  2. Works together with the registration forms are to be posted to the organizer’s address:

I Prywatne Liceum Plastyczne w Płocku

ul. Sienkiewicza 26

09-402 Płock


  1. The Jury appointed by the Director of the Centre of Artistic Education in Warsaw and the Director of the Department of Art and Culture Education of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland will judge and award the accepted competition works on 22.11.2013.
  2. The Jury comprises of three members – representatives of art and education fields.
  3. The post-competition exhibition will be held in the Masovian Museum in Plock and Wladyslaw Grabski Main Library of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences.
  4. Awards will be given during the launch of the post-competition exhibition on 29.11.2013.
  5. All participants will be notified of the results via post or e-mail.

4. Awards:

  1. The awards are as follows:

-          Grand Prix of the 2nd International Art Competition “Remember the Gardens”.

-          1st, 2nd and 3rd prize in each Painting and Drawing category and honorable mentions.

-          The winners will receive valuable awards endowed by the organizers and sponsors.

-          The participants of the post-competition exhibition will receive diplomas and publications with their works.